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Here are some common questions answered about our online fitness program.

Getting Started

How to Sign Up ?

Click on the Signup button located at the top of this page and fill in the required details. It is very easy and takes less than a minute.

How to Login ?

Login using the E-mail ID and password you used at the time of Sign up

Forgot my Password?

From the login page, select Forgot my password option and follow the steps to reset your password.

I am not able to login into my account. What to do?

Please make sure that your E-mail ID and password are correct. Try resetting the password, if the problem persists please send us an email at [email protected] or get in touch with us through What’s App our social media accounts

Free & Paid Trial

How to get a free Trial ?

Sign up and login into your account. You will see an INR 149 discount code on your Dashboard. Use this coupon code on the checkout page and avail a free trial of any group fitness class. A free trial is only available for a single group fitness class.

Are free trials available for all fitness programs?

No. Free trial is only available for group fitness classes.

Can I choose any group fitness class in my free trial?

Yes you can choose a class of your choice from the available classes for a FREE trial.

How many classes can I take in a free trial?

You can take one single free group fitness class.

For which fitness program is a free trial available?

Free trial is available for group fitness classes ONLY.

What is a Paid Trial?

Paid trial is signing up for a single class of a monthly live 1-on-1 personal training program.

What is the cost of a Paid Trial?

Paid trial is available for INR 799 inclusive taxes

Free Trial vs Paid Trial?

Free Trial is only available for group fitness classes, while the Paid Trial is available for Live 1-on-1 Personal Training fitness program. No money is charged in Free Trial, while INR 999 plus taxes will be charged for a Paid Trial.

How to get a Paid Trial?

Sign up and simply book a paid trial. Online payment has to be made for a paid trial

How many live sessions can I book in a Paid Trial?

You can book 1 single online live session in a Paid Trial

Can I schedule the Paid Trial for a time and date of my convenience?

Yes, you can schedule the Paid Trial at a date and time of your convenience.

Fitness Programs

What is a fitness program?

A fitness program is a method of physical training imparted to groups and individuals based on their choices and preferences.

What is a Group Fitness Class?

Crush Fitness India offers a range of LIVE group fitness programs like Crush Club (Dance Fitness), Crush Combat(Kickboxing), Crush Combust(HIIT), and more. A group fitness class is offered LIVE to registered members of the program.

What is a Goal-based Fitness Plan?

Goal-based fitness plans are personal fitness plans that are based on pre-defined goals like fat loss, muscle gain, etc. It could be pre-recorded or Live, which offers personalized diet and workout plans

What is 1-on-1 Live Personal Training fitness program?

This fitness program can be availed by any individual who wishes for online LIVE assistance from a personal trainer for physical training and fitness. This could be 1-on-1 training sessions or personalized training programs that include dedicated trainer support, customized fitness, and diet plans

How do i sign up for a fitness program?

Click on the "Learn More or Subscribe" button on the fitness program of your choice. Read carefully about the various offerings under a fitness program. Pay for the plan online and you are in.

I want to lose weight. Which program to go for?

We have a wide variety of programs available for fat and weight loss, you can select from the options available as pre-recorded ones, LIVE, or 1-on-1 personal training plans as per your choice.

What is an Immunity booster program? Is it recorded or live classes?

Immunity Booster is a scientifically designed program dedicated to improving your immunity. The biggest learning from the COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of a strong immune system. Build your body's natural vaccination against infection and disease. We have an option available to choose from pre-recorded (Immunity Booster) or LIVE version (Immunity Booster Live).

What is the schedule for the Virtual Group Classes plan?

After you sign up you’ll be able to see a calendar that is released. There are 4 classes available to choose from every day for a month. Classes are divided into morning and evening batches.

How to join the live class?

Login on your Dashboard you’ll see your subscribed plan. Click on view classes to view upcoming classes, joining link will be active 5 mins before the class starts. Please note online sessions are delivered through the ZOOM app, hence the link will redirect you to the ZOOM app.

How much weight will I lose in one month?

Weight loss journey depends on person to person. We at Crush take an approach to sort the best exercise and diet plan required to achieve specific goals. The most important part of weight loss—aside from actually making your own decision to lose weight and doing it for yourself—is to do it healthily. That is what we also preach, hence taking it one step at a time and making a few minor modifications to your diet, lifestyle & working out regularly can make weight loss much more manageable. By making some small changes to your daily routine, you can safely lose up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg) or more in just one month, hitting your weight loss goals quickly and easily. We recommend talking to our fitness experts for in-depth discussion

Are the trainers and coaches at Crush Fitness India certified?

Yes, all our trainers, mentors, and coaches are specialized and certified in what they do. We bring together India’s finest and certified trainers.

What is Crush Fitness India’s online fitness training and how is it unique?

We at Crush understood that it is time to adapt. People need a high-quality service where they feel safe, supported, and able to achieve their fitness goals. Therefore, we’ve re-imagined what online training can be. As a global pandemic has more people at home, we created something that adapts with the times, without sacrificing the quality of service. We didn’t just want to create online training programs. We wanted to offer you the full experience. With our next-level & wide variety of virtual training programs, you will get pre-recorded, live, interactive coaching from home. Our trainers have been going through months of coaching to be prepared to offer you the best virtual training experience. This makes our online platform unique. Further, we have a variety of programs available which are divided into three segments: Group Fitness Classes, Goal-Based Fitness Plans, 1-on-1 Training.

Fitness Classes, Workout Plans & Diets

Where will I see my booked fitness classes?

Login and on your Dashboard, there will be a button 'Classes'. Click on it. You will see all your group and 1-on-1 fitness classes there. Please note no fitness classes are shown for the Personal Fitness Plan.

Where will i see my personal workout videos and plans?

Login and on your dashboard click on Lessons/Videos to see your personalised workout plans and nutrition guidance.

Where will I see my 1-on-1 live training classes?

Login and on your Dashboard there will be a button 'Classes'. Click on it. You will see all your group and 1-on-1 fitness classes there. Please note no fitness classes are shown for the Personal Fitness Plan.

Class Reschedule

Can I Reschedule my group fitness classes?

No group fitness classes are delivered online at a designated date and time, you cannot reschedule them.

Can I Reschedule my 1-on-1 Live Personal Training fitness classes?

You can request a reschedule 24 hours before the class date and time. Please note you have to email to [email protected] for rescheduling a 1-on-1 personal training class.

If I miss my free trial class, can I reschedule it or attend some other future class instead of that?

No, you cannot get a reschedule or attend a different class, apart from the one you choose online.

If I miss my Paid trial class, can I reschedule it or attend some other future class instead of that?

Yes, you can reschedule your Paid trial by raising a request at least 6 hours before that class. Please note you have to email to [email protected] for rescheduling a 1-on-1 personal training class.